Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Stradalli Success at St. Johann Time Trial

Today's was the big time trial day in St Johann at Masters World Cup.

Kristin Sanders is a monster on a TT bike. She kicked butt and got the first place again for the team Stradalli and USA. On a 20km trek with a steep hill and a tight turnaround her time was insane. She rode times usually shown by men. Congratulations Kristin!

Grant Potter killed it and rode a crazy time trial. He took 4th place on his Stradalli T-7 bike, beaten by Austrian TT king Michael Theman. Yes he is a trainings partner with world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara from team BMC. Congrats Grant! You are a beast! Michael Theman only got the second place over the German monster track rider. It was a very hard 100 men field with lots of internationally ranked riders.

Let's talk about Tom “the German”, yes he is a 100% German and is never late. Today his starting time was 2:18pm so he got there at 2:14pm and was ready. His bike was checked by officials. While they were all talking about what a great day it was and that the weather was nice Grant says suddenly, “look up there #574 is on the block and Tom is #573.” So, Tom says to the friendly chatty UCI official “hey, why is that guy up there?” The Austrian UCI official says with a laugh, “all is good today we are running 5 min ahead.” Tom ran to the block and asks “what is going on?” and the gentleman looks at him and says, “Your time started over a minute ago, let's go now.” So Tom started over a minute behind. Tom later said with a smile, “now I will never ever be late after this great lesson. :)

Tom still got 24th in his age group and is very happy with his time. 

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