Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain, Rain and More Rain.

Rain since last night , then big lightning and big bang and a 30km radius with no light. The whole valley out of power. Made for a good candle light dinner and a good night sleep because it cooled down to like 10 Celsius (50F). Woke up this morning and still rain, rain, rain and like 10- 15 Celsius. We took the car to the sign up and raining still. Tom decided this is too cold and too wet for him and with a field of our 100 riders it's better to stay in and have some extra coffee and help Grant in the feed zone. Grant wanted 2to stay in as well but said he waited all year for this race, so it's a must rain or shine.  In poring rain the 112km race started with over 100 riders and Grant rode a sick race, After being away with four guys after about 90km they got caught and hit the last climb on Schwendt hill they got attacked and a break of thirteen riders got away. Grant Potter tried to chase on with no help and finally three guys came. They tried with four guys to catch up but the thirteen guys where determined to stay away so Grant jumped again with one more rider and tried again and still never got to the thirteen guys. So with 10 seconds behind after chasing and chasing he got 14th and frozen and wet finish. Congrats Grant good luck to you on Wednesdays time trial.

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