Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stradalli Cycle's Pro Race Team Trip

The Stradalli team has gotten to spend time with awesome friends as they get ready for a morning ride in beautiful Colorado to spin their legs before they continue on their road trip to Boise Idaho for the big race saturday. The trip has been a lot of fun and the scenery is beautiful.

One of the things the team has enjoyed the most is friends and family they have seen along the trip. It is awesome how many supporters and fans they team has and everyone has been extremely supportive and wishing us all the best. You can learn more about the trip at the Stradalli Cycle Blog

Stradalli Cycle Pro Race Team West Coast Trip

The Stradalli Cycle pro racing team has begun an exciting an all important west coast trip that will take them to huge USA Crits races in Boise, Vancouver and San Francisco.

The trip itself has been a blast with the team able to enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery of America and also gives them a chance to watch the Tour De France as it is in progress.

The mood has been light but it's not all fun. Serious preparations are being made; planning, training every chance they get and more. The reason? Stradalli Cycle pro racer Ruben Companioni stands in first place in the overall USA Crits standings. The entire team stands in 2nd place overall as well.

What an awesome accomplishment it would be for the racers, the team, the company and owner Tom Steinbacher if Stradalli could win both championships!

To read more about the team, race updates and more, visit the Stradalli Cycle Blog