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Stradalli Race Team Ready for Sea Otter Classic Challenge

If there was a race circled on the calendar at  Stradalli  Headquarters before the season started it was the Sea Otter Classic, and the date has finally arrived. The Stradalli group will be joined by mountain bike competitor Bob McCarty, Doug deweese and road racing great Cesar Grajales. This is the 25th anniversary of the Sea Otter Classic, the World’s Premier Cycling Festival and there will be over 10,000 competitors and 65,000 fans in attendance for the weekend. Team owner Tom Steinbacher had this weekend circled on his calendar because he wanted to see how his team would match up against some of the best cyclists in the world. We’ve talked about the offseason moves, we’ve discussed the early season success for the race team, not only in South Florida but all around the country, but for this team the time has come to show what they can do.

This is such a big weekend for us because it’s not just about what the team is going to do, it’s not just how well the riders will do, this is going to be an opportunity for  Stradalli  as a brand to showcase how far it has come and prove to everyone we are a serious race team. Road, Crit, Mountain and more. If it is a competitive race, we want to be competitive in that race. The team, Sebastian, Ruben, Yosvani and others are in Florida getting ready for Speed Week in Georgia, but this weekend we are joined by Cesar after his huge win at Boulder Rubaix Pro Race and we are excited!”

Along with Bob McCarty and Cesar Grajales, who will be racing in road and circuit races, the team will be joined by Grant Potter. Steinbacher attributes a lot of the early success of the team to the help and support he has gotten from the teams sponsors. DIADORA providing the shoes, JACO Athletics provides additional clothing SAFETTI has provided the uniforms, and Full Speed Ahead (FSA) providing the cranks. This will be one of the most heavily watched race weekends around the cycling world and the team is ready to make an impact. The 25th anniversary of the Sea Otter Classic will feature riders from all around the world and is the perfect opportunity for team Stradalli to turn some heads. They have seen early success this season and with the team getting ready for Speed Week in Georgia next weekend this weekend is a great chance for the rest of  Stradalli  to compete on a bigger stage and no matter what happens, this is a big step in the right direction for the team as they look to move forward.

Vittorio Brumotti Partners with Full Speed Ahead

This will already be a huge weekend for Stradalli Racing and other companies in the cycling world. The 25th anniversary of the Sea Otter Classic will bring over 75,000 competitors, sponsors and fans to Monterey California. This is one of the biggest race events in North America on the cycling calendar and Stradalli Cycle Race Team Owner Tom Steinbacher promised there would be big news. Well he didn’t lie as Full Speed Ahead (FSA) who is already a sponsor for Stradalli race team, announced a partnership with former bike trial World Champion Vittorio Brumotti. 

Not only is Vittorio Brumotti a huge name in the cycling world, he holds 10 Guinness World Records, not too bad. This is an exciting announcement for FSA as it will bring more attention to the brand as a whole and what better place to do that than the Classic. Not only will there be huge crowds on hand, but hundreds of cycling sponsors will be trying to get brand awareness with race results, attractions and more. Partnering with a great organization like FSA at one of the biggest events in North America is a great way to not only get some brand recognition but turn some heads at the same time.

 “We love our relationship with FSA, they have been great sponsors and partners for a long time. We wanted to come to the Sea Otter Classic this weekend and get people talking about us. Of course I want to do that with what our riders are doing this weekend, and we expect big things from them. But I wanted to get some buzz going before the racing even started and of course FSA steals the show. Vittorio Brumotti’ reputation speaks for itself. The guy is one of the most iconic and famous people to have ever gotten on a bike and what he can do on it, I stand there watching like a little kid because I am just amazed. He is probably the greatest trick rider in the world and to watch him in person. 

For the company as a whole, Stradalli wanted to make an impact this weekend and not just with their race team. Stradalli Cycle has new frames in development, current frames winning races all over the country, riders winning races all over the country as well and they wanted to bring all that progress to a big race weekend like the Sea Otter Classic and show people they are a serious manufacturer and team. A partnership with Full Speed Ahead is a great way to start and their announcement of partnering with Vittorio Brumotti has certainly made an impact. FSA sponsors over a dozen major racing teams, many who compete in the Tour De France and other major races around the world. Being a part of the FSA family is a big accomplishment for Stradalli Cycle and shows they have to be considered a force to be reckoned with moving forward.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ruben Companioni Wins Belmont Criterium on his Stradalli Faenza Aero bike

Team Stradalli cycle entered the Belmont Criterium Pro Race this weekend with only a three man team. Team Stradalli left the Belmont Criterium Pro Race on Sunday with another victory. Ruben Companioni once again took the jersey as he finished first in the race with the help of teammates Sebastian Morfin and Yosvany Falcon. The conditions were fair but it was undetermined how the team would fair with only three riders but that proved to be enough to take the victory in Sunday’s race. This was a great race but the team knows the competition is about to get a lot tougher. However, team owner Tom Steinbacher is more than pleased with the early season success of the Stradalli Race team.

“When we brought in Ruben I told him you were going to be part of a great team and the whole Stradalli family . A team with great frames, great bikes, great components, great sponsors and great teammates. The point I was trying to make to everyone is that cycling is a team sport and the better your team is, the better the chances are of you picking up victories and enjoying it together like a big cycling family . I am proud of our early success, it shows that what we did this off season was worth it but we still have a lot of work to do. The season has really just started and we are about to face steeper competition, harder races and tougher conditions. I know we are up to the challenge and it is nice to gain some early momentum to the season.”

The sponsors Steinbacher referred to; SAFETTI has provided the uniforms, DIADORA with the cycling shoes, JACO Athletics provides additional clothing and FSA the cranks, have all been a huge component if the teams early success as well. The new “one global force” model of team Stradalli has been an early success. The focus being the brand, rather than just individual success. Building the team around strong sponsors, veterans and athletes, better training routines and preparation for races. Input from other riders usingStradalli cycle bikes has also been a big advantage and all of this has worked well together in resulting in early season success.
“We don’t have one rider, we are never in one race, we have dozens of riders and are in multiple races each weekend. There are riders all over the world who race on Stradalli bikes and when they win it is a win for the whole Stradalli family. I looked at successful teams and tried to see what they were doing and I realized the key was the team mentality. Our manufacturers, the designing of the bikes, the sponsors, the riders, everyone had to go all in to make this year a true success for team Stradalli and that’s what you see happening this year.”

The team mentality and momentum has people looking at Stradalli Racing in an entirely different way this year. Now we will see what this new team can do as the meat of the competition and race schedule comes up. But Stradalli is ready to take on the challenge!

Stradalli Cycle


Cesar Grajales Wins Boulder Rubaix Pro Race on Stradalli Cycle Faenza Carbon Bike

What is shaping up to be the most successful season in Stradalli racing added another huge accomplishment Saturday, and this time it wasn't from the race team itself. Cycling great Cesar Grajales won the Boulder Rubaix Pro 12 Men Race using the Blue Faenza Stradalli Bike in a solo effort. This year the field was stacked at one of the hardest races on the calendar.
“This is a deceptively difficult course because you feel confident after the first couple of laps. Then suddenly you start hearing “pop, pop” everywhere and it’s the sound of the riders popping off the back of their bikes because the pace gets so much faster. Your legs have to work harder to handle the constant surges on sandy hard pan and just before you think you have made it through the worst, the wind begins to mess with you. All these conditions string out the field and gutter the back half. You feel like you are on the rivet before you are back to a swelled field with a slightly slower pace. Just as you catch your breath you are on the attack again with the “pop, pop” noises coming out everywhere. The conditions make this a war of attrition and energy conservation.”
With only two laps to go a small group formed. The lead contenders in the main group began opening the lead from the peloton. That’s when Grajales took advantage of the growing gap and went in for the winning move. It was a tough move as other riders tried and failed to pull away from the main group, but the group itself was not gaining on the leaders. Grajales surged forward alone and began working with them. It was there that he took the hard workload of the group for the next twenty miles as other riders eased up, taking advantage of his pull. But he could tell the race was his to win as no one else had enough in the tank to surge forward with him. He went on the attack with 3 miles to go, pulled away from the lead group and finished with a solo victory!
“This was an awesome win for Cesar Grajales and Stradalli racing! This was a stacked field, major competition, tough conditions, over 65% of it was gravel roads in Colorado that is a great win for Cesar Grajales and Team Stradalli! Cesar is one of the greats in the sport, people watch him because of what he can do on a bike. His work ethic, his passion and his aggression are unmatched in road racing and I am so very proud of him and what he has accomplished.” Tom Steinbacher, Stradalli CEO.
Stradalli cycle continues to see success in Pro Races all around the country. Their bikes are being used in multiple races each weekend and the results are steadily coming in. Champion riders are taking advantage of all the team has to offer at it is already paying dividends. Cesar Grajales’ triumphant win is another huge indication that this is the year of Stradalli in the cycling world.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Emile Abraham Testing Stradalli White R7 Frame; Reviews and Findings

Stradalli Racing continues to push the envelope of what a cycling team can do in a single season. Designing and manufacturing their own frames, team Stradalli has unveiled its new White Stradalli R7 bike which is now in production and available as of spring 2015. Even bigger news is that accomplished pro racer Emile Abraham will be racing for team Texas Roadhouse - Stradalli Cycle on the brand new White R7. Abraham (pictured above) has a long and impressive resume in Pro cycling since 2001 with nearly 40+ wins including the his home race, the tour Trinidad and Tobago International and has raced and won all over the world. Currently the team leader for Texas Roadhouse-Stradalli Cycle, Abraham is the first pro cyclist to test out the new R7 and so far it has not disappointed.
When asked about the new frame and why it is being tested out with the Texas Roadhouse Stradalli Cycle team owner Tom Steinbacher had this to say; “I didn’t pick one cycling team over another. Emile is a badass, look at his resume. You put him in a Crit race; he wins, if you put him in a circuit or road race he wins. I’m pretty sure if we dropped him in the ocean with a bike he would find a way to win. You win and finish in the top 3 of all those races you know what you are doing. We have our guys in Florida and we have our guys with Texas roadhouse and others around the country and internationally. I went with Emile because of his track record. There is no one I trust more to literally beat up on the new frame and tell me what he honestly thinks about it. I need the best to review how this bike will work. Emile has been in more races than I can count and he knows what it takes to win those races. That’s why when I had to find someone to test out the frame it was him, no question about it.”
The decision to go with Abraham wasn’t surprising, but what has surprised people in the industry is how quickly the frame went into production for public sale as well as being used in professional races. After going through rigorous wind tunnel and factory tests along with countless reviews, Steinbacher wanted to put the frame under the ultimate test, having Abraham use it in Pro races. This is certainly an aggressive move by the team and Steinbacher wasn’t shy about the decision.
“We are going against the titans of the racing world and we have spent years putting together a great product and now a great team. This is a frame built for racing at the highest level of competition and I want everyone to know it. We spent years designing and manufacturing the R7 and it is ready to be shown off. I want other teams, fans of the sport and anyone else who follows cycling to know exactly what we are bringing to the table. Stradalli has the best bikes, the best sponsors and the best riders in these races and we are going to win and look good doing it. Emile has been working with this bike for months and I wanted him to be the first one to use it in pro races. The results speak for themselves and we are ready for the next step. People are going to know very soon if you want to win you win with a Stradalli Cycle!”
Stradalli has begun to sell the R7 “Team Edition” publically and racers from around the world have inquired about it already. This is a major boost for the team as a whole and seems to be the start of what could be the most successful season for the entire team, racing as well as business. 

VICTORY for Team Stradalli at Florida Pro Crit Championship

Would the moves work? Would the new players, the new frames and products, the new training routines, the new strategies, the countless hours of work, would they all pay off and result in wins? The answer is YES! The reviews are in and yes the plan worked; yes it was all worth the effort because team Stradalli has won the Florida Pro Crit Championship!
Ruben Companioni led one of the most talented Florida pro teams ever to start a race for team Stradalli. In an extremely competitive pro field, Companioni along with Sebastian Morfin, Yosvany Falcon and Grant Potter all contributed to a team victory. This win is extremely special because of how competitive the Florida Pro Crit Championship field was this year. Team owner Tom Steinbacher was undoubtedly pleased by the news Saturday; “Last year we did our best but I knew we had to start over, rebuild the team, rework the frames, our strategy, everything and it started from the ground up. When we came in 4th  last weekend at the NCC UCI Crit ,I was very proud of the results but to be very honest it just made this weekend’s Pro Crit race more nerve-racking. I wanted this team to prove that we are on the right track and it wasn’t a fluke that we are getting great results. This is the validation I and the entire company needed. We know that the hours we spent working were all worth it because it was a step in the right direction.”
Steinbacher is not exaggerating with the exception of the team name, a few racers and Princess, the team mascot, the owner of StradalliRacing cleaned house and made drastic changes to his team. The changes came fast with the early acquisitions of Companioni and Morfin to join an already talented team. There was even more pressure put on finding the best sponsors to contribute with SAFETTI’s uniforms, JACO Athletics’ gear, FSA (Full Speed Ahead) contributing the cranks and DIADORA providing the carbon cycling shoes.
Every inch of this team was reevaluated during the offseason and the moves have paid off with early dividends with the results already seen.  “Words cannot express how excited I am right now. I wanted the best possible team I could build and put together and when you go with the aggressive approach you run the risk of making mistakes. I know a lot about this sport, I love this sport but until you start winning and competing at the highest of levels you aren’t sure if you are going in the right direction. I believe in this team, from the racers to the people who put the bikes together to the people who answer the phones at our shop in Pompano. We are a team and when we win it is a team win. But it is a long season and we don’t have much time to celebrate. Our sponsors, our riders and the rest of team Stradalli racing know that the only way we are going to make a statement this year is to keep getting results like this, keep winning and everyone else will know we are the team to beat!” 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stradalli cycle Race Team Ready for Florida State Criterium Championship

The Stradalli Racing team will be their for Saturdays FBRA Championship. The Florida State Criterium Championship is a big one for team Stradalli
The team finished 4th at the NCC Sunny King Pro Race, their first of the season and they are looking for even better results with more racers entered for Saturdays race. Joining Ruben Campioni and Sebastian Morfin will be Yosvany Falcon, Grant Potter and Roslan Rivera for team stradalli.
“We had a great start to the season last week at the UCI - NNC Race and I am really excited about what we can do this weekend with a couple more racers joining us, Grant and Roslan .
I want to see what we can do in this race as a team because I feel like last week was just the beginning. I am very proud of what we have already accomplished but this is a long, tough season in Pro cycling and we need to bring our best every single race.” 

With more racers joining the team for this weekend, Stradalli cycle is expected to have another solid outing. Last week Ruben companioni and Sebastian morfin stole the show with top 12 finishes, Ruben coming in 4th out of 120 riders. 
“Last week was great but it is also last week.

This week the Florida State Criterium Championship is going to be extremely competitive and we need our team to pull together to make sure we are able to show everyone we are here to stay. If we don’t succeed everyone can write off last week’s success as a fluke and it wasn’t, it was the result of the hard work and dedication we put in during the offseason. To be very honest, given what we did last week and adding Grant Potter and Roslan Rivera with Ruben, Yosvany and Sebastian, I’m excited for this weekend.
We want the 2015 florida state championship jersey in our showroom 

Stradalli will feature the most unique combination of experience, youth and talent of perhaps any race team this weekend. Their sponsors are more than thrilled with the early results and are looking for even more. SAFETTI has provided the uniforms, DIADORA with the shoes, JACO Athletics provides additional clothing and FSA the cranks. There is little doubt this team is ready to take the next step. Saturdays Florida State Crit Championship is a big test for team Stradalli but they are more than ready for the challenge.
For more information on Stradalli Cycle and our Race Team visit our website at http://carbonroadbikebicyclecycling.com/