Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ruben Companioni Wins Belmont Criterium on his Stradalli Faenza Aero bike

Team Stradalli cycle entered the Belmont Criterium Pro Race this weekend with only a three man team. Team Stradalli left the Belmont Criterium Pro Race on Sunday with another victory. Ruben Companioni once again took the jersey as he finished first in the race with the help of teammates Sebastian Morfin and Yosvany Falcon. The conditions were fair but it was undetermined how the team would fair with only three riders but that proved to be enough to take the victory in Sunday’s race. This was a great race but the team knows the competition is about to get a lot tougher. However, team owner Tom Steinbacher is more than pleased with the early season success of the Stradalli Race team.

“When we brought in Ruben I told him you were going to be part of a great team and the whole Stradalli family . A team with great frames, great bikes, great components, great sponsors and great teammates. The point I was trying to make to everyone is that cycling is a team sport and the better your team is, the better the chances are of you picking up victories and enjoying it together like a big cycling family . I am proud of our early success, it shows that what we did this off season was worth it but we still have a lot of work to do. The season has really just started and we are about to face steeper competition, harder races and tougher conditions. I know we are up to the challenge and it is nice to gain some early momentum to the season.”

The sponsors Steinbacher referred to; SAFETTI has provided the uniforms, DIADORA with the cycling shoes, JACO Athletics provides additional clothing and FSA the cranks, have all been a huge component if the teams early success as well. The new “one global force” model of team Stradalli has been an early success. The focus being the brand, rather than just individual success. Building the team around strong sponsors, veterans and athletes, better training routines and preparation for races. Input from other riders usingStradalli cycle bikes has also been a big advantage and all of this has worked well together in resulting in early season success.
“We don’t have one rider, we are never in one race, we have dozens of riders and are in multiple races each weekend. There are riders all over the world who race on Stradalli bikes and when they win it is a win for the whole Stradalli family. I looked at successful teams and tried to see what they were doing and I realized the key was the team mentality. Our manufacturers, the designing of the bikes, the sponsors, the riders, everyone had to go all in to make this year a true success for team Stradalli and that’s what you see happening this year.”

The team mentality and momentum has people looking at Stradalli Racing in an entirely different way this year. Now we will see what this new team can do as the meat of the competition and race schedule comes up. But Stradalli is ready to take on the challenge!

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