Friday, August 31, 2012

Stradalli on the Last Day of Women's Road Race

Today was the last women's road race in Austria. 40k on the same hilly course from earlier in the week. Weather was 8-9 degrees celcius and rainey all day. Nasty day to be on the bikes. Early on the second climb of the day, Kristin split the field in half. Everyone had an eye on her because of her previous victories this week. So much so, that the lead group didn't bother chasing down a few solo attacks unless Kristin was part of it. Overall Kristin took 6 and Brenda took 8. Great strong effort from the women's Stradalli team. More races for the Men's Stradalli team tomorrow.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stradalli at Eurobike 2012 Expo

August 29 through September 1, German town of Friedrichshafen hosts Eurobike 2012 – the global show. It is the largest show of its kind in the world. Anything and everything cycling related can be found here. Manufacturers from every corner of the globe are trying to impress potential buyers and establish business relationships for the future. To give you an example of the scale of the event: if you have ever being to the cycling expo in Vegas you know how huge it is taking up the entire Convention center. The Eurobike show takes up eleven (11!) convention centers and halls.
This time Stradalli is represented in force. Our team (Thomas Steinbacher, Grant Potter, Kristin Sanders and Brenda Lyons) linked up with the Head of Stradalli Euro Division РAxel Königsmann. The Stradalli delegation was also reinforced by PJ, who just flew in from Florida to witness the event. Our guys are eagerly exploring the latest trends of the cycling market and forming new partnerships to bring our customers the newest cutting edge cycles and further establish Stradalli brand as leader in high performance quality affordable bikes all over the world.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Team Stradalli Success at St. Johann Time Trial

Today's was the big time trial day in St Johann at Masters World Cup.

Kristin Sanders is a monster on a TT bike. She kicked butt and got the first place again for the team Stradalli and USA. On a 20km trek with a steep hill and a tight turnaround her time was insane. She rode times usually shown by men. Congratulations Kristin!

Grant Potter killed it and rode a crazy time trial. He took 4th place on his Stradalli T-7 bike, beaten by Austrian TT king Michael Theman. Yes he is a trainings partner with world time trial champion Fabian Cancellara from team BMC. Congrats Grant! You are a beast! Michael Theman only got the second place over the German monster track rider. It was a very hard 100 men field with lots of internationally ranked riders.

Let's talk about Tom “the German”, yes he is a 100% German and is never late. Today his starting time was 2:18pm so he got there at 2:14pm and was ready. His bike was checked by officials. While they were all talking about what a great day it was and that the weather was nice Grant says suddenly, “look up there #574 is on the block and Tom is #573.” So, Tom says to the friendly chatty UCI official “hey, why is that guy up there?” The Austrian UCI official says with a laugh, “all is good today we are running 5 min ahead.” Tom ran to the block and asks “what is going on?” and the gentleman looks at him and says, “Your time started over a minute ago, let's go now.” So Tom started over a minute behind. Tom later said with a smile, “now I will never ever be late after this great lesson. :)

Tom still got 24th in his age group and is very happy with his time. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kristin Sanders Wins 2012 Women’s World Master’s World Cup in Tirol Austria On Her Stradalli Trebisacce

Three-Time US National Champion Kristin Sanders dominates the field and becomes the 2012 Women’s World Master’s World Cup Road Race Champion. The Championship course is a 40km circuit with 2 climbs, 7%-12% gradient.
The course climbs from the town of St. Johann to a higher mountain area, descends into the valley and returns on the time trial course  around the other side of a mountain down the windy valley floor.

The Stradalli women’s team took first and fourth place in St. Johann Austria World Master’s World Cup Road Race.

Brenda Lyons finishes as impressive 4th place overall.  Brenda blew the other riders out of the water on the field sprint.

Former World Champion and Giro d’Italia champion, Francesco Moser commented on the sprint from the sidelines, “…what a thoroughbred usa sprinter girl!”
Brenda won the field sprint by more than 5 bikes lengths! She has an amazing kick ass sprint.

Francesco Moser presented tonight's trophy's to all participants and our two American Stradalli Cycle girls.

So it was just another day in hot-hot-hot  St. Johann Tirol for team Stradalli

Monday, August 27, 2012

Stradalli Takes Europe

Below are some pictures from Monday's ride after the first place victory from Kristin Sanders in Austria. The Stradalli team stopped for a few photos with some "locals" while testing tomorrows road course :)

Brenda Lyons and her 2012 Stradalli Palermo Di2 Ultegra road bike.

Kristin Sanders and her 2012 Trebisacce Red Pro Di2 Ultegra road bike, Brenda, and their new friend :)

Brand New 2013 Stradalli Catania Di2 Dura Ace road bike.

Kristin Sanders and Brenda Lyons rocking their new Stradalli uniforms.

Kristin Sanders Takes First Place in St. Johann Tirol for Team Stradalli

After a hectic morning and late start, Kristin Sanders takes first place in Monday's hill climb in St Johann Tirol in Austria.

Kristin on her 2012 Trebisacce Red Pro Di2 Ultegra bike, and Brenda Lyons on her 2012 Palermo Di2 Ultegra bike finish First and Fifth respectively in their age group. Great team effort and great finish for the Stradalli women's team in their first event in Austria this year

Monday Hill Climb – Finally the Rain Stops

The Stradalli women’s team has finally arrived in Europe. They have joined the Men’s team in St Johann Tirol in Austria. Due to the immense rain the last few days, the Stradalli team was hesitant to sign up for Monday’s 12k hill climb. As of Sunday evening there were only 30 people signed up in total. The team woke up around 8 and hit a mad dash for sign ups since the weather looked so much better. It was a bit hectic, especially with the added stress of sorting out the new Stradalli Kits (uniforms). With the event starting at 10am, there wasn’t much time to get things in place. When they got to registration, the tables were swamped. Looks like they weren’t the only ones with the last minute idea.

The event started late. By the time they forced registration to close down, there were a  staggering 200+ riders, far more than the 30 pre-registered number. More than 30 women signed up for the event, so the officials decided to start all the women together separate from the men. Because all the age groups had the same color jersey numbers, it was very confusing for the women to know who was who and who should be chased down. Kristin and Brenda were getting a little antsy not knowing who was who, and a little frustrated since it was hard to communicate with the non English speaking racers.

The girls decided to just go for it. Chase every break, attack every competitor! Brenda worked for Kristin like an animal. Helped get all the leaders back and put the Stradalli team in a position for victory. Kristin powered her way up the climbs like a monster and stayed on top of every attack.

In the end, Kristin Sanders finished in FIRST PLACE, with an impressive 3rd place overall for all categories. Brenda Lyons finished 5th place, even after working for Kristin throughout, putting both Stradalli girls on the scoreboard. Congratulations ladies!

After the race, Tom and Grant rode with the girls through the rest of the course that Grant had raced Sunday. This gave them a great opportunity to prep for the road race to come later the next day. More photos to come later. Trophies tonight!

Stradalli at the Trophy Ceremony

Grant potter accepting his award at the trophy ceremony for Sunday's race.

Grant is rocking his new Stradalli tennis shoes and his new rainbow jersey.

Rain, Rain and More Rain.

Rain since last night , then big lightning and big bang and a 30km radius with no light. The whole valley out of power. Made for a good candle light dinner and a good night sleep because it cooled down to like 10 Celsius (50F). Woke up this morning and still rain, rain, rain and like 10- 15 Celsius. We took the car to the sign up and raining still. Tom decided this is too cold and too wet for him and with a field of our 100 riders it's better to stay in and have some extra coffee and help Grant in the feed zone. Grant wanted 2to stay in as well but said he waited all year for this race, so it's a must rain or shine.  In poring rain the 112km race started with over 100 riders and Grant rode a sick race, After being away with four guys after about 90km they got caught and hit the last climb on Schwendt hill they got attacked and a break of thirteen riders got away. Grant Potter tried to chase on with no help and finally three guys came. They tried with four guys to catch up but the thirteen guys where determined to stay away so Grant jumped again with one more rider and tried again and still never got to the thirteen guys. So with 10 seconds behind after chasing and chasing he got 14th and frozen and wet finish. Congrats Grant good luck to you on Wednesdays time trial.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

" Enough is Enough "

Stradalli cycle plans to continue to support Lance and the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a great foundation that Lance created to serve cancer survivors.

Kristin Sanders and Brenda Lyons Arriving in St Johann Today to Kick Ass and Bring Home the Trophy

Three-time US National Champion Kristin Sanders Is Riding for Stradalli at the Masters in St. Johann in Tirol

The World Master's Cycling Federation road race world championship will be held August 25-28 2012 at St. Johann in Tirol. This year three-time US national champion Kristin Sanders will be riding for Team Stradalli Cycle.

Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon bicycle manufacturer, is pleased to announce that three-time US national champion and five-time Florida State champion Kristin Sanders will be riding for Team Stradalli Cycle during the Masters at St. Johann in Tirol.
The Masters Races in the Austrian market town of St. Johann in Tirol is one of the oldest continuously run Masters races in the world. The event attracts riders from all over the world. Participating in this year's road race world championship, which will be held between August 25 and August 28, 2012, is professional cyclist Kristin Sanders.
Kristin, a veteran of the US women’s professional peloton, will be riding a Trebisacce RED-PRO with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting. The Di2 technology used on the bike offers a near perfect balance between shifting speed and weight, while giving Kristin faster, precise and multiprecision shifting.
“The Masters is a world class event and attracts every type of athlete – young and old, male and female. The race organizes have included a large number of categories to ensure everyone can be included,” said Thomas Steinbacher of Stradalli. “Kristin is a very successful rider and we are proud to include her in Team Stradalli Cycle.”
The Stradalli Trebisacce RED-PRO with its full carbon fiber frame, Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting and Stradalli wheelset, will be the perfect companion for Kristin as she wages a physical and psychological battle during the 40km circuit mountainous road race.

Masters Cyclist Brenda Lyons Joins Team Stradalli Cycle for the World Masters at St. Johann in Tirol, Austria

This year's World Master's Cycling Federation road race world championship will take place August 25-28 2012 at St. Johann in Tirol. Proudly racing for Team Stradalli Cycle this year is cyclist Brenda Lyons.

Stradalli Cycle, the high performance carbon fiber bicycle manufacturer, is pleased to announce that professional cyclist Brenda Lyons will be riding for Team Stradalli Cycle during the UCI Masters at St. Johann in Tirol. During the event Brenda will be riding a Stradalli Palermo Black Edition with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting.
Every year the Austrian market town of St. Johann in Tirol hosts one of the oldest continuously run World Masters Cycling Federation races in the world. This world class event attracts competitors from all over the world. Competing for Team Stradalli Cycle in this year's road race, which will be held between August 25 and August 28, 2012, is professional cyclist Brenda Lyons.
After three solid seasons as an amateur, Brenda became a professional cyclist in 2002. Over the next five years Brenda competed at the very highest levels of the sport. And as a result she has raced on some of the best teams in the nation and become a nationally ranked rider.
“Stradalli Cycle has proudly sponsored the Masters at St. Johann in Tirol for the last 3 years. It is a prestigious event that caters equally to men and women,” said Thomas Steinbacher of Stradalli. “Brenda Lyons is a true pro and we are pleased to include her in Team Stradalli Cycle.”
The Di2 technology(Digital Integrated Intelligence) used on the Stradalli Palermo Black Edition offers a superb balance between shifting speed and shifting accuracy. Using touch technology, gear change is almost instantaneous, giving Brenda faster and more precise shifting with automatic trimming. This advanced technology will help Brenda as she battles with the other competitors on the mountainous circuit.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Laundry Day for the German Stradalli Team

It's not too often that Grant and Tom do their own laundry. All the more reason to show this picture as proof :) The guys have been at this laundry mat for over three hours waiting for their clothes to finish. They treated themselves to a fancy sub dinner. Grant took a good book to read, but mostly just sat there washing the dryer turn around and around and around..........
The guys have to make sure they have everything they need cleaned for the next few days as the next series of races approach. 

Riding with Kenneth Mercken

Today the guys had the pleasure to train with birthday boy Kenneth Mercken pro rider (ex team mate with Tom Boonen ) on his 36th birthday.
They did 2 full laps on the course and then took a quick ride for coffee to Germany .
Kenneth Mercken is Belgian screenplay writer, movie maker and producer who won WAF Wildcard award for his movie “The Letter” in 2011 The movie is about a young Russian cyclist who comes to train in Belgium and loses his grip on reality after taking performance-enhancing drugs.
Tom said that this guy spun double the cadence he did and never came out of his drops. Kenneth was so smooth it sucked to be behind him struggling and sweating while it looked so easy and simple the way he did it, but it was a pleasure and great learning experience. Thanks Kenneth and happy birthday!

Radweltpokal Course Details - World Masters Cycling Federation

The Stradalli team has been in Tirol for the past week. Above are a few detail charts of the Sundays race for Grant and Tom. Their race will be three laps at a total distance of 112km.   Maximum gradient is listed between 10%-12%. Should prove to be a tuff race. The highest elevation on the course starts just after the starting line of the race. Proper warm up is going to be key here. Stay posted for more photos. 

Stradalli Sponsors Cycling Week 'Radweltpokal' - The Largest Cycling Event in the World

August 25th St. Johann in Tirol will once again be the centre of the cycling sports world. More than 3500 participants representing 52 nations will do battle for the medals. The 'Radweltpokal' is the largest cycling event in the world. Stradalli is proud to sponsor the event for the third consecutive year. Stradalli is also proud to present the 2010 and 2011 worlds masters race champion Grant Potter again on his Stradalli Palermo Integrated seatpost bike, hopefully to win his 3rd year in a row and title himself the 2012 world masters champion.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stradalli Catania by the Mountain Stream

The guys went to a local stream not too far from the motor home to get some water to boil later for their pasta. Tom's Catania Di2 Dura Ace bike is looking nice with the scenic view in the background. The Stradalli Vento 50mm carbon clinchers wheels look sharp on that frame. Weather looks amazing, the guys should enjoy the rest of their ride. 

Day Trip to Kitzbuhl Austria

Guess who got caught eating at McDonald's :) Guess they are craving some good ole American food.

Stradalli rides to Kitzbuhl

The guys did a steady ride today from St. Johann to Kitzbuhl Austria. What a beautiful area. They plan on riding a smooth 60k to recover the legs.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grant catching some zzzz's while working on his tan lines. What a good multi-tasker that guy is :)