Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aug 15 Time Trial Deutschlandsberg - 16 Minutes of Death

Above is a picture before the 2 man time trial event. Tom and Grant are sporting the new 2013 T-7 Team Design time trial frames. Race was supposed to be under 20 min total riding time, but we all know how painful racing against the clock can really be. If you have anything left in your legs after you pass the finish line, you did it wrong!
"That race was by far the worst 16 minutes of my life! Grant is officially insane and definitely not human." Tom said shortly after the race. "I'm willing to take bets on anyone who wants to time trial with or against him."
The Stradalli Team finished 5th overall for this stage, coming in just behind some serious TT specialist and track racers. Tom admitted to being too drained after the race to even stand for a photo. I can only imagine how Grant feels after doing nearly 85% of the pulling. Their plan is to cool down, eat, and take a nap to start getting recovered for tomorrow's stage which will end with an insane hill climb bringing the riders to the castle in Deutschlandsberg.

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