Saturday, August 18, 2012

Deutschlandsberg Final Stage Aug 18 2012

Grant Potter on pedestal. Gianni Motta on the far right

Today was stage 7 and the final event of the World Masters Championship in Austria. It consisted of a 20k individual time trial

The leader before the start of the TT was a tie between the Austrian Nation Champion and Grant Potter. The next closest contender was the German maniac rider who crashed out yesterday when he broke his collier bone. Leaving this race down to the wire on the last hot, hilly race against the clock. 

Grant rode like an animal. He had an avergae speed of 28 mph and a max speed of 40+ mph. He was definitely a man on a mission. Spectators commented that he looked like he had gotten beat up when he crossed the finish line. Not a surprise seeing as how he had the second fastest time of the day. 

Final Result....... Grant claims the RAINBOW JERSEY and is declared the champion for the 40-44 age group! Congratulations Grant Potter!

Grants field had the closest times out of all the age groups in the event. Talk about keeping you on the edge of your seat. 

Tom rode one of the best time trials of his life and was happy with his overall finish. "I have to be honest and admit this week was way over my head and
those boys are a FEW leagues above my experience and fitness level, I gave
it all I had and now I'm ready to come home and train like never before." Tom said shortly after the race. 

The Stradalli team would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Jody for fitting all the bikes with his expertise and making everything just right. Many Thanks to P.J. (Patrick) for ensuring all the bikes were mechanically perfect and arrived safely in Europe all the was from the states. A huge thank you to Artem, AL, Mike and P.J. and all the others from Stradalli for all the daily help with blogging, social media and everything else done day to day to keep family, friends, and fans up to date on all events and results!

The guys now have 5 days to rest and move training and base camp to UCI Masters at St. Johann in Tirol.

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