Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Magical Yellow Bike

Look at this little magical yellow bicycle.

Yup that is the very first bike ‎long time Colombian pro racer Cesar Grajales and also Colombian BMX champion and downhill champ Julian Martinez  learned how to ride, a reunion after almost 40 long cycling years.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Filming new Stradalli Cycle mountain bike video in Colombia

Today ‎the crew started filming the new Stradalli Cycle Colombian mountain bike video
Looks like a lot of fun and crazy downhills in beautiful landscapes.

We are very excited to see the finished video.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle Pro Cycling Team Concludes 2014 Season!

Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle Pro Cycling Team Concludes 2014 Season!

Team is 1st Place in Individual NCC Standings & Overall NCC Team Standings!

The Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle Pro Cycling Team closed out the 2014 season with the TD Bank Mayor's Cup in Boston, MA.  Erica Allar, Jen Purcell, Lenore Pipes and Mary Zider represented the team in the final race of the season, and also the last stop on the NCC calendar. This years' Mayor's Cup course went in the reverse direction from previous years,  changing the overall dynamics of the event. The new start/finish line on Congress St. made for a fast and exciting finish coming off a down hill turn four. Timing and positioning proved vital to ensure a spot on the podium. Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle did a banner job controlling the race and ensuring no threatening moves got away.  In the final laps of the race Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle was at the front setting a very high pace to ensure Erica Allar was primed for her final sprint with her Stradalli R7 of the 2014 season. Allar looked to be in good positioning heading into the final corner but with a headwind to the finish Allar was nipped off the podium.  


A Team that pins together wins together!

Photo- Erica Allar, Mary Zider, Jen Purcell, Lenore Pipes

Colavita/Fine Cooking/Stradalli Cycle ends their season on a high note winning the NCC Team and Individual (Erica Allar) Competitions by a large margin in both categories.

Today was one of the best cycling days in Manisalez Colombia

Today was one of the best cycling days in Manisalez Colombia, perfect weather and amazing views. 
Tom told us it was great but he though Cesar Grajales was trying to kill him on the crazy fast downhill sections and the technical parts of today's ride. 
The guys finish up the day with a 2 km 24% climb back home to Manisalez. 
Not sure if Tom was so happy about that :)

Tom getting cold feet, this river is directly from the snow capped volcano 
El Ruiz 
This is the bike after riding all day. 4 lbs of water and mud.
Guy at bike shop was not happy washing and lubricating the bikes after the guys came back from the muddy day.