Monday, February 23, 2015

Bob McCarthy and Doug DeWeese racing  their Stradalli bikes  to the top step of the box off the 12 Hour Santos Race...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Stradalli Faenza

Pink Aero Frame Bicycle
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What puts Stradalli Cycles ahead of the rest is that we think like you do when you are in the middle of the pack, trying to plan your moment to pounce. When we are designing and crafting our cycle frames like the Faenza, we aren’t focusing on the look, if it has a cute name or how this will market to a certain demographic. We are only worried about whether this bike can get you to the front of the pack, can it give you that extra edge you need, and can it be relied upon to do it over and over again? That’s all you care about and that’s all we care about.
We have all been there, finding a cycle that is comfortable when we are trying to conserve energy, one that has as little wind resistance as possible but is strong enough to handle our weight as we beat down on it trying to get a head. That is a lot to ask of any cycle and doing it over and over again will take the structural integrity of the frame to its limit. This is why Stradalli Cycles is an industry leader in developing road bike frames, not just in the United States but all over the world. Our designs focus on what the rider needs, what you will need to be able to rely on during a race and what will give you the edge over the competition.
Every rider is different which is why our frames are different. Here is what makes the Stradalli Faenza Pink Aero Frame different:
  1. The Weight : The design of this frame focuses on weight and aero dynamics more than anything else. Imagine putting all your energy into the push, having the right angle, the right momentum and timing and clear road in front and you feel like you are dragging a cinderblock behind you because your frame is too bulky. That’s what so many riders go through but they need that bulky frame because the sleeker ones cannot handle the forces and punishment during a race, especially when you are pushing harder. That’s why the Faenza frame is so popular; it is the best of both worlds.
  2. Comfort : Ask any sports physician and they will tell you the more comfortable you are the better you will perform. Think of a track athlete, who is going to do better, the one who is in a comfortable pair of shoes or the one who is in a pair of shoes that are too tight, pinch their toes and feel unbalanced when they step? Professional trainers even have strategies for how to tie shoes to get the best comfort and support for their athletes so shouldn’t there be a strategy for riding a cycle dozens of miles or more, within steep competition on a hot day? Who do you think will have a better finish, the rider who feels like he is sitting on a wobbly, sharp, clunky frame or the one that is so comfortable he almost doesn’t feel like he is on a bike frame at all? Now of course you will feel like you are on a quality frame with the Faenza, the point is that it maximizes your comfort during all aspects of the race to make sure you are not hindered in any way from start to finish. That is a key component to winning any race that is often overlooked.
  3. Durability : One of the biggest issues that comes with cycle racing, and one of the things we at Stradalli made as a point of emphasis when designing our frames, is durability. No terrain is equal, the elements are always different and when you are pounding on your frame week after week, race after race, things are bound to happen. This is why so many riders resort to heavier frames, to get more durability, but you end up sacrificing aero dynamics and comfort if that is the case. We have finally designed a frame that is sleek, simple, comfortable and above all, durable. Our frames give you the confidence and performance you need to go full throttle week after week.
What you get when you order a Stradalli frame, especially the Faenza Aero, is the craftsmanship of a designer who rides bikes every week, for fun as well as competition. You get the work of someone who races for the thrill of it but wants to win just like you. We have been making elite bike frames and parts for years and we are only getting better because of our great customers and team riders who work with us on how to improve our designs. This is why we are proud of our work and stand behind it, our designs and quality is battle tested by winners and we want you to not only join the pack but lead it!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pan-Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids.

Take your Stradalli Cycle on the road trip she deserves. 160 miles of open road to let her rip all the way across Florida in the Pan-Florida Challenge for Hungry Kids. Fully supported ride for every one of the 160 miles -over two days March 28 & 29. All to feed 250,000 meals to hungry kids.  Starts in Naples, Ends in City Place West Palm Beach. Overnight Dinner & Rockstar Party @ Roland Martin Marina & Tiki Bar on Lake Okeechobee. Only 50 spots left, REGISTER TODAY>>