Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stradalli at Eurobike 2012 Expo

August 29 through September 1, German town of Friedrichshafen hosts Eurobike 2012 – the global show. It is the largest show of its kind in the world. Anything and everything cycling related can be found here. Manufacturers from every corner of the globe are trying to impress potential buyers and establish business relationships for the future. To give you an example of the scale of the event: if you have ever being to the cycling expo in Vegas you know how huge it is taking up the entire Convention center. The Eurobike show takes up eleven (11!) convention centers and halls.
This time Stradalli is represented in force. Our team (Thomas Steinbacher, Grant Potter, Kristin Sanders and Brenda Lyons) linked up with the Head of Stradalli Euro Division – Axel Königsmann. The Stradalli delegation was also reinforced by PJ, who just flew in from Florida to witness the event. Our guys are eagerly exploring the latest trends of the cycling market and forming new partnerships to bring our customers the newest cutting edge cycles and further establish Stradalli brand as leader in high performance quality affordable bikes all over the world.

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