Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vittorio Brumotti Partners with Full Speed Ahead

This will already be a huge weekend for Stradalli Racing and other companies in the cycling world. The 25th anniversary of the Sea Otter Classic will bring over 75,000 competitors, sponsors and fans to Monterey California. This is one of the biggest race events in North America on the cycling calendar and Stradalli Cycle Race Team Owner Tom Steinbacher promised there would be big news. Well he didn’t lie as Full Speed Ahead (FSA) who is already a sponsor for Stradalli race team, announced a partnership with former bike trial World Champion Vittorio Brumotti. 

Not only is Vittorio Brumotti a huge name in the cycling world, he holds 10 Guinness World Records, not too bad. This is an exciting announcement for FSA as it will bring more attention to the brand as a whole and what better place to do that than the Classic. Not only will there be huge crowds on hand, but hundreds of cycling sponsors will be trying to get brand awareness with race results, attractions and more. Partnering with a great organization like FSA at one of the biggest events in North America is a great way to not only get some brand recognition but turn some heads at the same time.

 “We love our relationship with FSA, they have been great sponsors and partners for a long time. We wanted to come to the Sea Otter Classic this weekend and get people talking about us. Of course I want to do that with what our riders are doing this weekend, and we expect big things from them. But I wanted to get some buzz going before the racing even started and of course FSA steals the show. Vittorio Brumotti’ reputation speaks for itself. The guy is one of the most iconic and famous people to have ever gotten on a bike and what he can do on it, I stand there watching like a little kid because I am just amazed. He is probably the greatest trick rider in the world and to watch him in person. 

For the company as a whole, Stradalli wanted to make an impact this weekend and not just with their race team. Stradalli Cycle has new frames in development, current frames winning races all over the country, riders winning races all over the country as well and they wanted to bring all that progress to a big race weekend like the Sea Otter Classic and show people they are a serious manufacturer and team. A partnership with Full Speed Ahead is a great way to start and their announcement of partnering with Vittorio Brumotti has certainly made an impact. FSA sponsors over a dozen major racing teams, many who compete in the Tour De France and other major races around the world. Being a part of the FSA family is a big accomplishment for Stradalli Cycle and shows they have to be considered a force to be reckoned with moving forward.

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