Tuesday, April 7, 2015

VICTORY for Team Stradalli at Florida Pro Crit Championship

Would the moves work? Would the new players, the new frames and products, the new training routines, the new strategies, the countless hours of work, would they all pay off and result in wins? The answer is YES! The reviews are in and yes the plan worked; yes it was all worth the effort because team Stradalli has won the Florida Pro Crit Championship!
Ruben Companioni led one of the most talented Florida pro teams ever to start a race for team Stradalli. In an extremely competitive pro field, Companioni along with Sebastian Morfin, Yosvany Falcon and Grant Potter all contributed to a team victory. This win is extremely special because of how competitive the Florida Pro Crit Championship field was this year. Team owner Tom Steinbacher was undoubtedly pleased by the news Saturday; “Last year we did our best but I knew we had to start over, rebuild the team, rework the frames, our strategy, everything and it started from the ground up. When we came in 4th  last weekend at the NCC UCI Crit ,I was very proud of the results but to be very honest it just made this weekend’s Pro Crit race more nerve-racking. I wanted this team to prove that we are on the right track and it wasn’t a fluke that we are getting great results. This is the validation I and the entire company needed. We know that the hours we spent working were all worth it because it was a step in the right direction.”
Steinbacher is not exaggerating with the exception of the team name, a few racers and Princess, the team mascot, the owner of StradalliRacing cleaned house and made drastic changes to his team. The changes came fast with the early acquisitions of Companioni and Morfin to join an already talented team. There was even more pressure put on finding the best sponsors to contribute with SAFETTI’s uniforms, JACO Athletics’ gear, FSA (Full Speed Ahead) contributing the cranks and DIADORA providing the carbon cycling shoes.
Every inch of this team was reevaluated during the offseason and the moves have paid off with early dividends with the results already seen.  “Words cannot express how excited I am right now. I wanted the best possible team I could build and put together and when you go with the aggressive approach you run the risk of making mistakes. I know a lot about this sport, I love this sport but until you start winning and competing at the highest of levels you aren’t sure if you are going in the right direction. I believe in this team, from the racers to the people who put the bikes together to the people who answer the phones at our shop in Pompano. We are a team and when we win it is a team win. But it is a long season and we don’t have much time to celebrate. Our sponsors, our riders and the rest of team Stradalli racing know that the only way we are going to make a statement this year is to keep getting results like this, keep winning and everyone else will know we are the team to beat!” 

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