Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stradalli cycle Race Team Ready for Florida State Criterium Championship

The Stradalli Racing team will be their for Saturdays FBRA Championship. The Florida State Criterium Championship is a big one for team Stradalli
The team finished 4th at the NCC Sunny King Pro Race, their first of the season and they are looking for even better results with more racers entered for Saturdays race. Joining Ruben Campioni and Sebastian Morfin will be Yosvany Falcon, Grant Potter and Roslan Rivera for team stradalli.
“We had a great start to the season last week at the UCI - NNC Race and I am really excited about what we can do this weekend with a couple more racers joining us, Grant and Roslan .
I want to see what we can do in this race as a team because I feel like last week was just the beginning. I am very proud of what we have already accomplished but this is a long, tough season in Pro cycling and we need to bring our best every single race.” 

With more racers joining the team for this weekend, Stradalli cycle is expected to have another solid outing. Last week Ruben companioni and Sebastian morfin stole the show with top 12 finishes, Ruben coming in 4th out of 120 riders. 
“Last week was great but it is also last week.

This week the Florida State Criterium Championship is going to be extremely competitive and we need our team to pull together to make sure we are able to show everyone we are here to stay. If we don’t succeed everyone can write off last week’s success as a fluke and it wasn’t, it was the result of the hard work and dedication we put in during the offseason. To be very honest, given what we did last week and adding Grant Potter and Roslan Rivera with Ruben, Yosvany and Sebastian, I’m excited for this weekend.
We want the 2015 florida state championship jersey in our showroom 

Stradalli will feature the most unique combination of experience, youth and talent of perhaps any race team this weekend. Their sponsors are more than thrilled with the early results and are looking for even more. SAFETTI has provided the uniforms, DIADORA with the shoes, JACO Athletics provides additional clothing and FSA the cranks. There is little doubt this team is ready to take the next step. Saturdays Florida State Crit Championship is a big test for team Stradalli but they are more than ready for the challenge.
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