Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stradalli 1000 Miles Awareness Ride

Sometimes lots of unrelated ideas come together into a beautiful plan. Many exciting things have happened at Stradalli recently. Cesar Grajales has joined Stradalli cycling team for 2014. Stradalli has become a sponsor and official bicycle of Colavita / Fine Cooking pro cycling team.

Cesar is very passionate about raising popularity of cycling in Colombia. He is a long time participant of the Dreams to Wheels charity that supports kids in Columbia by donating bicycle gear to aspiring young athletes. We loved this idea and decided to show our support and raise awareness for this California based charity and their noble cause.

And the idea of a 1000 mile awareness trip was born. The owner of Stradalli Cycle Tom Steinbacher and Cesar Grajales are going to start the ride in Las Vegas, NV. Here they get a chance to support our sponsor Jaco Clothes and Rashad Avans – UFC fighter who will compete that night. The ride will star off in Las Vegas where Tom and Cesar will be enjoying beautiful scenery around the city. Next leg of the trip will take them over the Hoover dam and through the hills and desert to Kingman, AZ. Later the ride will continue along the historic Rout 66 through some of the most picturesque landscapes, through Indian Reservation to the Grand Canyon. There is no other place on Earth that is as beautiful and majestic. The whole crew is very excited to have an opportunity to take Stradalli bikes on a ride through trails that run along the canyon and take tons of fantastic pictures.  

Later the course will take us South, through Flagstaff AZ and further through the mountainous roads of Sedona where desert gives way to trees and woods.

After riding through Phoenix, AZ the course will change towards Tucson. Tucson is a home city of NCC champion Erica Allar who rides for team Colavita and superstar cyclist Jame Carney. They will join Tom and Cesar in Tucson. They are very excited to join our effort to raise awareness of Dreams to Wheels charity. Together they will ride in and around Tucson, AZ area, where this fantastic trip will come to an end 1000 miles from the start point.

We are going to keep a blog and post pictures and reports of our progress as often as Wi-Fi availability will allow us. We will continue to remind our friends, supporters, fans and fellow cyclists to take a look at Dreams to Wheels charity website and help them out by donating some equipment.

Stay tuned for the news from this exciting ride.

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