Monday, November 18, 2013

Once an Addict Always an Addict

This is crazy, how can I be so wacky, today Nov 17th I'm CLEAN and SOBER 20 years and 3 month and yup I'm still a addict. Cycling for a 1000 miles to raise awareness for dreams to wheels, kids in Columbia that can not effort bikes or parts or helmets.
All is well riding in the Arizona desert with Cesar Grajales a top ranked skinny cyclist ( 70 lbs lighter than me) here it shows my addictive behavior, why are addicts so stubborn?
Up and down roads wind and I'm about 2 die with still about 40 miles to go I'm in pain and I'm hurting, he looks @ me and I say yes I can keep going, but I'm in pain and don't wanna go no more! Why don't I learn after 20 years going 2 meetings, we stop @ the gas station and I'm hungry and tired and thirsty and what is the first thing I see? Yup the big Budweiser fridge and yes it looks so good. Yes @ first my alcoholic brain says it's OK you are far away from home and and and all kinds of BS pops in my head. Amazing how life works, soon as I see the beer I get a text from my friend Jenn Jennifer Gimenez :) who is sober. All it says in the text is. Hey Honey, how is Ur trip? It's amazing how it helps 2 have good sober friends :) Sometimes u just need a reminder and good friends and life is amazing.
Sometimes u get signs from God when u least expected them even in the middle of the desert :)

I guess now its time 2 find a meeting :)
Tom S.

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