Monday, November 18, 2013

Rt 66 from Kingman AZ to Seligman AZ

It was freezing in Kingman at sunrise. We did not expect it to be that cold and a small cup of coffee from the hotel's continental breakfast did not add much comfort. We had no time to lose so started West on US-66. Luckily in just a few minutes Arizona sun warmed everything up and extra layers of clothes became unnecessary. We spotted a colorful place on the side of the road called "Mike's Outpost Saloon 66" and stopped there to leave jackets with the support van. We could not resist to take some pictures at the bar and the hostess Fran welcomed us in, showed us around, allowed us to take goofy pictures at the bar. What a lovely place! All the walls and the sealing are covered by autographs from all over the world in all languages. Wish we could stay longer but we had to roll. But not so fast! One of the bikes had a flat and Tom changed the inner tube quick.
Rout 66 is not an easy ride. Hills are steep and long, wind is relentless, and shoulder has many cracks and pebbles. We stopped for pictures at a place called Huckleberry General Store. Exectly what one would expect to find on US66. Old cars, 70 year old gas station and antiques.
Finding a place to eat is not easy between Kingman and Saligman. Especially if you travel at the speed of a bicycle. We found what seem to be the only functioning restaurant in Peach Springs. Nice clean place with good food was just what we needed. The hill that followed was not. It is by far the steepest climb on the way. Road gets pretty straight and flat after that but it is still over 30 miles to go. Cesar pulled for 28 miles and TOM DID THE REST.
Here we are in Seligman. Tiny town without a single traffic light. We were told the best restaurant in town is called "Roadkill". Let's go see what that is all about.

With Fran at Mike's Outpost Saloon 66

Colombian wannabe bartender

Cesar found love

Cyclist traveling alone in the opposite direction

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