Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cycling from Grand Canyon Village to Flagstaff AZ

We were hoping to catch a break but luck is not on our side. We woke up to 27F and a cloudy sky. Forecast for Flagstaff: 40-48F 30% chance of rain and 10-18 mph wind. That's what we are dealt for today. On the bright side of things the breakfast was great and we are smiling and its already 31F  :)

All the people we met so far were very friendly. Our bikes and uniforms get a lot of attention and we have many conversations about our trip and cause and about Dreams to Wheels charity. People cheer us on everywhere we go. It's great to tell people about the charity and see them light up.

Cold drizzle started about 2 hours after we left Grand Canyon Village and soon turned into rain. There is nothing here on AZ-64 for miles. No gas stations, no roofs, no hot cocoa. Finally we have reached AZ64 - AZ180 junction and were surprised to see two cyclists in full rain gear with bikes hidden by massive saddlebags traveling in the opposite direction. Great to know that we are not the only crazies on this miserable road! That really gave Tom and Cesar renewed energy to carry on.

And they need all this energy. Soon the road started continuous climb. 7000, 8000, higher and higher. Tall pine trees offered little protection from the wind and rain at this altitude. Combined with sleek pavement it doesn't get much more miserable than this. Guys are not happy today.
Finally it stopped raining and Flagstaff was close.

Now hot shower, hot soup and good hot dinner - NIGHT NIGHT

 Steepest climb of the ride - climb to our hotel

"Skiers Executive Suite"

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