Saturday, August 17, 2013

The First Race Is In The Books

Last night was crazy!  It was the 1400 meter long prologue to the week long stage race, and due to traffic issues it started an hour and 45 minutes late.  To make things worse, our age group was the last to go off which meant starting in the dark.  The course starts off downhill and the final 300 meters are pounding cobblestones.  After grant, myself and about 15 other riders went off, the commissars decided to cancel the race because it was getting dark.  Seriously, you couldn't see anything. However, I don't think it was a reason to cancel the race, cause I finished the race with no problem and I did the whole thing with my eyes closed cause I was so nervous, lol.  We both finished, and I think Grant got second and I got Sixth.

Today is our 117 kilometer (72.7 miles) road race on small farm roads with potholes and tight turns.  Our group starts with the elite juniors.  Perfect, now I have to fight the uphills with some under 20 skinny European kids.  It's gonna be a suffer fest.  I'll have more info for you tonight.

Thanks so much to all of our sponsors for helping us, especially all the clothes from Jaco Clothing and the great products from F3 Nutrition.  A special thanks to Tom Graner at Graner Law for coming all the way out here with his family to support us!

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