Monday, August 19, 2013

Overall standing for masters 1

Overall standing for masters 1
Austrian national championship Johann Fuchs is first and Grant Potter came in second.

When we started Fuchs he had 4 guys on his team and all where marking grant .
Push and shove on starting line.
   A fast 3 corner fast Crit coarse with points every fifth lap.
Lap 3 we come around corner and Fuchs was trying to get away. His guys were blocking and pushing Grant. The pack got all squirrely. A few seconds later a fast left turn and there goes the break 2 guys get away including the Austrian Champion, Grant, Mario the German and some fast Slovakian guy went on the chase and caught them. That's it, race is over, 5 guys in a break with 2 Austria teammates just made the break. So there they go 7 man break.

3 Austrian guys were all against Grant who won the overall last year and now those guys want to keep the title in Austria and were willing to do whatever it takes.

After the final sprint lap, an Austrian and Slovakian rider broke away,  got away from Grant and the German rider tried to catch them but the 2 Austrian guys would not help.

So long story short, The Slovakia guy first, Austrian guy came in second and Grant got 3rd place.

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