Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stradalli helps cyclists of Caldas Colombia Manizales, Colombia

A pleasant surprise was yesterday Alejandro Ruiz. He was cited at 7:00 am to the cycling track in Manizales Colombia , but did not know why.
Cycling Coach, Jhon Jairo Narvaez, chose Alejandro Ruiz for a new Stradalli carbon frame brought by Thomas Tom Steinbacher owner and CEO of Stradalli cycle, and cycling legend Cesar Grajales who came to the city to train week in the mountains and to pitch in and help the kids in need with some training tips , rides and some free Stradalli products.

Junior cyclist Alejandro Ruiz  "I am very grateful, I needed it and hopefully this will help me in my cycling future ," said the young racer, who is gaining ground in the midst of difficulties and economic times.

. "It's a pleasure and honor to help and contribute in some way to improve the lives of these young riders," said Thomas Tom Steinbacher, CEO - Stradalli cycle

Meanwhile, Cesar Grajales, who led the charitable cause, was also happy: "One lived many difficulties and how to help now that we have, we do."
Grajales came to town and made several upgrades to the Gualí, 4000 meters high above sea level, he is preparing for the Leadville 100 , largest MTB race in USA.

Besides the frame given to Ruiz, Stradalli also gave them sports equipment to four other junior riders:
Juan José Amador and Sebastian Ortegon, Manizales; Felipe Adrián Granada and Jordan Ramirez, Neira.

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