Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet Dalli

Today was a beautiful day in Manizalez, Colombia, not only because of its pure landscapes, but because Cesar Grajales and Tom Steinbacher had an opportunity to help a stray dog find it's way! "On the road" is the English translation of Stradalli which was instrumental in choosing a suiting name for their soon to be friend. As soon as they seen him they decided to stop the car to take a closer look, he was roaming aimlessly around the winding route we were driving. "Dalli" looked like he needed some TLC and they were about to get the job done! It took 20 minutes, the guys, a local neighborhood, and some crackers to coax him into the car, but their collected efforts soon prevailed and he was soon seated in the back seat of the car. They attempted to find his home, but were unsuccessful. Cesar and Tom knew that something needed to be done for Dalli and brought him in for a much needed bath, medical attention, and a cool new leash! Cesar spoke to the Vet and after $200.00 Dalli was a clean, healthy, and loving little guy! Tom even had the privilege of taking him for the initial walk on his new leash =) Currently, Tom and Cesar have him in the rented apartment which may or may not allow animals... no one is entirely sure at this point =)
Now all they need is to find someone willing to adopt Dalli within the next two weeks because they are returning home on September 1.

If anyone knows of a good home in the Manizalez area and would like to help that would be greatly appreciated! The guys will even personally deliver him to you!

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