Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bob Mccarty and Doug DeWeese getting ready to race there Stradalli carbon Race machines at Marathon XC National Cahampionships

Bob Mccarty and Doug DeWeese getting ready to race there Stradalli carbon Race machines at 
Marathon XC National Championships
Stradalli shows their versatility
The 2015 season is off to a great start for Stradalli Cycle Racing. However, that success is not only limited to road racing. Mountain biker Bob McCarty had a very successful weekend at the USA Cycling Marathon Nationals over the weekend on his 650b carbon cross country full suspension bike
The race in Georgia, just outside of Augusta, is over 60 miles along and has some of the toughest terrain you will find. There are parts of the race where you actually cannot ride your bike, you have to hike with it over your shoulder as you walk through streams and over down trees. Mountain bike racing is certainly a different breed of racing but it brings excitement to fans and competitors alike. McCarty led most of the race in the age 40-44 category and finished 2nd. The most impressive stat of the day is that he finished with a top ten time out of all amateurs of the weekend, including riders half his age.
“This is the type of race where you have to be in great shape, you have to be able to grind it out there, but you also need to have the experience and understanding of what the course is going to throw at you. Sometimes it’s the weather and sometimes, like this weekend, it’s the actual terrain you are up against. You can be the fastest guy on a bike and that’s great, but this is mountain bike racing, if you can’t transition from clean road to throwing your bike over your shoulder and hiking through water and then jumping back on your bike and not letting that slow you down, you aren’t going to be very competitive.” Bob McCarty.
Bob was not the only one pleased with his race results at the USA Cycling Marathon Nations. Team owner Tom Steinbacher loves the versatility of his race team; “When people look at cycling, when they look at our team they may think of us as a usa pro road team and we have been having a great year at that. But I want to be more than just a pro road cycling and pro ncc crit team, I want us to compete all over the world in any type of race that involves a bike. That’s the mark of a true race team and bicycle brand, not just versatility but being able to win races, no matter the type of race it is. You want to be a real race team, you have to be able to compete anywhere. Every weekend it seems we have great news regarding the team because we are in so many races and competitions. I love that. ”

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