Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stradalli Cycle Show Room Grand Opening

The time has come for Stradalli Cycle to open our doors for the customers who want to see and touch our products before making a decision to upgrade their bicycles. Our retail store has to be as innovative as our cutting edge carbon bikes, so we took the idea of creating a pleasant and friendly environment for Stradalli shoppers very seriously. Our gigantic show room features dozens of Stradalli carbon bicycles of all models with various options of groups and wheels for any level of riding skills and for any budget. Our customers will also appreciate frame and accessories show room with chassis, bicycle parts, clothes and helmets. We believe that nothing beats the hands-on experience of Stradalli quality and innovative design.
When it came to decorating our new show room we decided to create a design that will not only adorn the walls but would also be reminiscent of the dynamic cutting edge futuristic and colorful spirit that Stradalli embraces. We figured that Jackson Pollock style will suit us well... but instead of getting an original JP we did our wall paintings ourselves. We started with white 8’ x 4’ panels that soon become vibrant and energetic pieces of modern art. We have proudly installed these panels on the wall of Stradalli main show room and now every walk-in customer may appreciate our creativity and spirit.

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