Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Richard Distlerath long time cycling buddy with Tom and Grant

Richard Distlerath’s path to St Johann started in 1976 when he rode his bike for touring.  By 1978 he entered  into the world of racing bicycles.  After many races and many miles he won the 1989 Sr 35 National Criterium Championship and was subsequently invited to the 1990 USSR National Road Championship in Minsk where he finished 3rd.  This was the beginning of long friendships with racers from former Soviet Union.
He has gone to race in St Johann, Austria for 8 years.  Although he is no longer as fast as he once was, he has enjoyed racing together with many of his friends from around the world and is always happy to hang out with team stradalli . He has been with his wife 36 years and is always very grateful that she lets him go on such long trips away from home. Here are a few pictures from the award ceremonies at Worlds masters cycling .

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